Ad Matai!? Ad Achshav!

After my final arrest mission, I did a week or so of other missions. We caught two Palestinians with an M16: Tried to trick us with a ton of goods in the back, “just did some shopping, nothing to see here…” And here is the weapon, with a magazine: Finally word came through to my […]

My Final Arrest Mission

My army service is coming to an end and even though I still don’t know when my hofshash (mandatory vacation before I finish my service) will start, I know this will be my final arrest as an active duty soldier. The prep for the arrest has become second nature to us, a lot like gathering […]

Riot Dispersal and Movie Night

The next day, we went to the field to do a standard company test. It’s similar to what I described in my last blog. Its a company-wide 3k run under timed conditions, in full gear, and with three stretchers open with people on them. Then a Yalam which is a 200 meter sprint after which […]

One Week From Kav Jenin

The last week on our base in the Golan Heights was part aimless, and part full of the usual give 110%. We closed Shabbat on base, this is time for you to lay in your bed, and do nothing for as long as Shabbat lasts including a few hours before and about an hour after. […]

Targil Stam

Twice a year, every brigade has to go through a period of military exercises called “imun”. The Kfir brigade has been in imun since the end of January, and it is now essentially ending. It begins with a week in which every platoon does a field week, then every company, then every battalion, then finally […]

As an American Citizen, am I Guilty of Dual Loyalty?

Many of the people I served with in the Israeli Army have asked me “Why didn’t you join the U.S. Army?” The answer is that I might have.  I believe my whole preoccupation with problems on a global scale and political issues in general stems from being an 11 year old boy living in New York […]

From Jordan Valley to Golan Heights

Having finished moslul (our first Kav), and the short period of exercises my battalion (Lavi) was doing in Kriyat Gat, my platoon got on a bus and went off to a base in the Jordan Valley to do one month of Kav with the special reconnaissance unit of the IDF’s tank division known as Palsar […]

Kriyat Gat

We spent two weeks in Kriyat Gat. The first morning there, we went to the shooting range and began various shooting exercises. Unlike how it was for me in training all those months ago, I completed each exercise quite well from the first time, every time. I could feel the long way I’ve come. Especially […]

Off The Line

As we checked our gear, cleaned the base we called ours for four months, and packed all the equipment onto army trucks, we knew things were changing. Our Kav (tour of duty) with Shechem wasn’t finishing up, it was finished. I’d been on my last mission the night before. By 2pm, all our guard duties […]

Kever Yosef

After returning from my 30 days vacation at home, I became quite used to not carrying a rifle everywhere. It didn’t take more than half an hour for me to get used to having one again. Shortly after I received my equipment and weapons, I was again sent out on missions. A guard duty here: […]