Dream Come True

This week has been quite eventful, and I am very, very, happy. When I was 14 years old, I knew I wanted to be a soldier of the Israel Defense Forces. When I was 18 years old, I gave it more thought and research, and I knew I wanted to be part of Israel’s Kfir Brigade. I am very happy to write that two days ago my wish of six years came true. But there is even more good news!

Last week I was all mopey about how all the guys in my unit from my last three month assignment at Michve Alon would split up to different units. But

I found some consolation in that two of the guys from my previous group are also going to Kfir! So, it looks like we might serve together indefinitely. In any case, from day one I already met new guys in Kfir that seem to be pretty awesome too. In the Israeli army, we are all brothers, so its easy to make friends.

So why did I want Kfir so much? Kfir is the more active brigade in Israel’s infantry, and I didn’t come all the way from NY and interrupt a budding law career to sit on my tuchus. With all due respect to the other brigades of course, I just want to do as much as possible. But, like I said, all the brigades basically do the same stuff. Just Kfir does more of it :). Another reason is because I’ve learned everything I could from a 5000 mile distance about Israel and the conflict between us and the Palestinians. Now I can only learn the full picture from being in those places you read about in the news, and seeing first hand how the various parties interact and why.

I did the Gibbush Tzanhanim, and I am thinking about doing the Gibbush for one of Kfir’s special force units as well. Kfir has two special forces: Oketz and Lotar. I like Lotar the most though I honestly don’t know much about them. In any case, I’m happy.

So what does Kfir do?

The Jewish Virtual Library put it best:

“Infantry brigades provide flexibility and maneuverability to the modern battlefield. They are capable of operating under any field and weather conditions, day or night, combining rapid movement and firepower. Kfir battalions are trained to fight alone, though they can be joined with other forces and services in integrated combat. They can be transported by helicopter, fight mounted on armored vehicles, tanks or APC’s and can operate against armor, attack helicopters and enemy infantry.

The Kfir Brigade is a major component in maintaining Israel’s security, as it specializes in anti-terror fighting and combat within dense, urban areas. Kfir soldiers stand at the forefront of a determined fight against terrorism and share the burden of intense fighting. Kfir battalions are deployed in every major Palestinian city, from Hebron in the south toTulkarem and Jenin in the north (before the 2005 disengagement, Kfir was also located in the Gaza Strip). The brigade carries out challenging, complex operations demanding that soldiers demonstrate a high level of expertise, steadfastness, initiative, and determination on a daily basis.

The soldiers of Kfir have played important roles in both regular and special operations in Israel’s war against terrorism. Its successes have included catching suicide bombers, uncovering terrorist headquarters and seizing illegal weapons and explosives. Units from Kfir have also been instrumental in many high profile IDF operations, including: Operation Defensive Shield (2002), Operation Hot Winter (2008) and Operation Cast Lead (2009).”

The weapons we use vary, but the M16, M-4, and Tavor Rifles are among them. And I am SO excited about using a Tavor rifle!

For more information on Kfir, https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Society_&_Culture/kfirbrigade.html.

Here’s a video about Kfir:

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