Almost Wrapped

My time in Mihve Alon is coming to an end. A week and a half from now I will be moving on to the unit in which the rest of my service will happen. Course Ivrit was good, though I can’t say for sure whether I couldn’t have improved my Hebrew just as well just dealing with Israelis 24/7. I don’t know a whole lot of new words, but I definitely am more comfortable speaking and putting sentences together. And my grammar is much better, which is what I needed in the first place.

Hebrew or not, Mihve Alon is a good place to start your service. I think it’s a better way to submerge into the army than just falling into the deep end the minute you come out the other end of Bakum. I got used to army life here and it included some “get used to it time” which was much appreciated.

I’ve begun to see the base I live on as my home. Its weird, at the end of the week, it’s a bit difficult to leave the base for me because I’ve gotten used to it so much and to the people and surroundings there. Of course by the time I have to leave for base on Sunday morning, I feel completely the opposite. That’s typical of army life, you don’t want to go where you are going only to find you prefer to stay there when its time to go somewhere else.

I’m not sure how I’ll deal with my group splitting up…everyone will go to different units.

Things I learned at Mihve Alon:

1. Americans will follow rules to the point of stupidity.
2. Russians will break the rules to the point of stupidity.
3. Everyone hates Americans.
4. Everyone hates Americans.
5. They are all just jealous.

One for Course Ivrit

6 thoughts on “Almost Wrapped

  1. These posts are very spot on- reminds me of my time as a Chayal Boded in Machal at age 22. Chazak V’Ematz! And always remember – they REALLY are all just jealous and will never understand why you are here!

  2. Great blog. Waiting to hear which unit you get put in. Btw which unit do you want to be in? Did you try out the tzanchanim gibbush yet?

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