Tironot Part II: Field Week

Well, I don’t know if our Samelet reads my website or not, but this past week I was usually among the very first to be allowed entry to the cafeteria at every meal. The very first time this happened didn’t go so smoothly though. There we are, all standing in rows of three. Perfectly straight, […]

Tironot: Basic Training

Tironot: Basic Training Pushups. I do a lot of push ups. If I’m not doing them when I leave, I’m doing them when I arrive. Basic training at Michve Alon is of the caliber of a non-combat soldier, level 02. But its no cake walk. The toughest person to deal with is our Samelet. It’s […]

In The Army Now

Well, Bakum went off without a hitch. I went inside as a civilian, and came out the wrong side as a soldier. The wrong side, because unlike everyone else who went forward, I had to go back where we came from in order to correct the spelling of my name on my dog tags. When […]


Bakum. December 10, 2013, my civilian life is terminated. December 10, 2013, I’m given a gun, a haircut, a uniform, dog tags, and a reason to hate life. All at a place called, Bakum. But, I chose this, so I can’t complain. Actually, what bothers me isn’t what I know about the army. Its what […]